About McHugh’s

A partner in your business success

McHugh’s Financial Services helps business owners who require funding for any commercial purpose but aren’t sure how to best go about it.

Founded by commercial loan consultant, Sean McHugh, we act as a trusted partner that you can depend on to seek expert advice and receive reliable guidance when you need to secure commercial finance. Our experience increases the chance of your loan application being accepted and reduces your risk of obtaining finance that is overpriced, on poor terms or damaging to your credit rating.

We take a consultative, personalised approach to understand you, your business and your objectives rather than relying on technology and figures alone. This helps us explore your situation and identify innovative ways to address commercial finance avenues that others overlook.

Our Commercial Finance Brokers have strong relationships with a broad range of lenders across a wide range of products for any type of business or situation. This helps us to get you positive outcomes when using commercial finance to grow your business.

We are

Brokers that are truly product agnostic

We achieve

successful outcomes for complex and specialist cases

We can

workshop and negotiate bespoke commercial loan deals

We truly

love what we do and are passionate about your results!

Meet Sean McHugh

Director, Founder and Business Finance Champion

Sean is a Commercial Finance Broker and trusted advisor in helping business owners use finance to scale and grow their businesses. However, he’s so much more.

“People come to me because I help them solve problems in unconventional ways. I do this by prioritising my focus on the unique objectives of the business owner, understanding the strengths of the business and appreciating their circumstances, first and foremost.”

One of the biggest oversights within the finance industry is that people don’t take the time to truly understand your business, approach the situation from all angles and think outside of the square. Sean does.

“By truly understanding a business owners’ situation and circumstances, I can use my experience, network and innovative approach to develop a strategy to secure funding for their business.”

Why I get results

Sean McHugh is known for saying “Yes, it’s possible” when clients ask about commercial finance options.

“I don’t take short-cuts or overuse automation during the information gathering process as this often leads to negative outcomes for the borrower. Finance that is stock standard is not always best for clients.”

Progressive approaches to commercial finance may mean more work for McHugh’s, but it means better outcomes for our clients – and that’s what truly matters.

“If I choose to work with a business owner, it’s because I understand them and their objectives. I believe in what they are trying to achieve and my ability to help them. I work with great people and have developed strong relationships with bank, non-bank and private lenders. Working with some of the industry’s best professionals leads to better borrowing outcomes.”

Sean and the McHugh’s Commercial Finance Broker team have access to a wide range of finance products that can help business owners achieve their goals, no matter how complex.

Let’s boost your business growth

Whether you’re looking for just a quick chat, exploring your options or you’re ready to finance, we’d love to meet you.